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Thread: 3 Roe bucks

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    3 Roe bucks

    Ive just got in from morning stalk after taking Shaun from Skegness out on bucks ,his mate Norman was taken by my pal Gordon .We set off trying to find something not to tireing as Shaun is just recovering from a small op , so off round the local farms only 2 minutes down the road and park up. Ashort walk down to the stream and follow it for 5 minutes and i spot a doe with a young buck so its a crawl from here until in range ,we get to 100m and Shaun has set up bi-pod ,his 6.5x68 ready to go ,perfect shot ,dropped on the spot . Still early so carry on for a bit after half an hour walk we see a nice buck and doe 200m off , same again we crawl into range and Shaun bang on with shot placement
    the buck runs 30m before dropping , agood morning and a happy Shaun
    Norman got a young buck aswell on his stalk
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    Well done mate we could have had 3 this morning but shot a 6 point yearling and left x2 bigger ones for another day/client.
    But got some lovely video.

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    Well done Colin, you seem to be getting into them now. Save one or two for Chris and I .

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    Well done, sounds like a productive day!

    looking forward to the pics!

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    Hi Steve
    We saw deer at every turn this morning ,i think 15 in total .
    see you soon
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