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    A real bargain and better than my Mora at six times the price... makes light work of Roe boning etc.

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    +1 to Red-Dot
    Takes, and holds a good edge
    Cheap enough to be disposable
    Only niggle is the tiny, frankly pathetic belt loop, but then again its a small enough packeage to fit in a pocket

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    I boned out a nice Roebuck with mine and it is still razor sharp... a real find and the Hi-Viz makes finding easy, not like my green Mora which was 35.

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    used one to skin and bone a muntie buck all in one go, except for the back-end orifice (separate knife for that) still sharp enough to use on something else, not many knives could do that.
    For a fiver it's a steal

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    Got 1 of these myself and are very good just a pity bushwear werent as good price wise with all there other prices.

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