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Thread: reliable , sturdy semi 22 r/f

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    reliable , sturdy semi 22 r/f

    I just had no luck with the plinkers, The sako is forever bustin, got let down on another & the cz spares went waywardsssssssss ?? I dunno , I just no luck !!

    Im hoping to find a semi auto rimmy, with reliability, cz 581/ 511 . Have you anythig good/ bad or plain ugly collecting dust, i can make use of ?? ATB

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    Hello MrYou,

    I have a 581, in .22 RF with two magaziness, that I want to move on.

    Look at my profile pictures.

    Could be for you?

    Many thanks

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    I have a remmy 66 nylon made by cbc, as new great plinker, 70

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    sorry for late reply fellas, been on the crops...........i got fixed up. Cheers & good luck with ya sales.

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    Hello Ray,

    No probs, I'm glad you got sorted.

    Enjoy those rabbits, many thanks

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