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Thread: My First ever Deer! Buck fever has arrived!

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    My First ever Deer! Buck fever has arrived!


    After a weekend stalking with Malc last weekend (described in other post) i now have the hunger and confidence to go out on my permissions in search of a buck.

    I arrived back from work yesterday evening about 8 oclock and proceeded to gather my shooting gear, rifle, sticks, ammo etc. I said a quick hello/goodbye to the Mrs and of i went to one of the farms about ten mins from my house. I usually shoot fox/rabbit at this farm and as the farmer has a lot of cattle on the land to a safe backstop is a must!

    On the morning of my first stalk with Malc last week i went to this farm to zero my rifle before heading over to Malc's place that evening. When i arrived came across a Roe Buck and Doe in the first field i came too, obviously not having zeroed after some tinkering with the rifle i was unable to take a shot. This is the first time i have seen Deer on the farm, but then again i dont normally arrive at 5.30am. With this in mind i went out in search last night.

    As i was approaching the farm in the car i saw a nice buck in one of the neighbours fields which i dont have permission on . Anyway i Parked up the car and slipped through the gate into the field where i previously saw the Roe, scanned around with the binoculars and couldnt see anything, except for a few pigeons! Oh well.... so i walked down the field over the fence, through a hedge and into another field rising to a high point on the farm quite a way from the first field i entered.

    I didnt see anything on the other side of the farm as this is where most of the cattle are currently grazing. I decided to head back to the car to switch over to the fox rifle as the light was starting to go. Whilst walking back to the field where i first started i raised the binoculars again to look around and saw a deer like figure in the distance. Now my binoc's are crap but usable(my old man used to use them at the horse races) i need to buy a proper pair so i thought i would get closer to be sure of what i had seen. With the ID confirmed i quietly went over the gates and entered back into the field where i had spotted the buck.

    The wind was in my favour so i ventured up the field towards the location of the buck, i got halfway up the field , had another scan round and he was no where to be seen! We i guessed being a novice my stalking ability had let me down and he had clocked me and disappeared. I had another look around with the binoc's focussing on the edges of the field near the hedgerow when all of a sudden an enlarged figure of a buck appeared in my view staring straight at me!. This was almost like he was stood a few yards in front of me staring down the binoculars at me.... I put them down and kept incredibly still hoping he would not make a run for it. After what seemed like minutes but must have been seconds he turned away and started to walk slowly away from me along the fence towards the top of the field (where there is a gap in the fence for them to get in and out).
    I set the sticks and put the rifle on ready moving slowly a incase a shot presented itself, he was gradually walking away with his back end facing me so i knew i didnt have long before the chance was gone. I made a noise (squeak for some reason ) and he stopped and turned and look round, he then walked right a few paces right and continued looking for the origin of the noise , at this point he was now in the broadside position giving me an opportunity to take the shot.

    The adrenalin was rushing and i could feel my heart pounding so i steadied myself , took a breath and pulled the trigger ............. He ran a few yards and went out of my view, i thought i has missed somehow. I walked towards the location of the buck and found him on his side dead. The shot was a heartshot and did the job straight away.

    I was pleased to say the least!!

    Now the Gralloch..... Hmm well i have never done a gralloch before, i have done lots of research, reading and DVD's etc so in the heat of the moment gave Malc a quick (well not so quick) call to double check as i was doing it. Whacked him on loud speaker and it was almost as good as having him there!

    Got that done, put all the kit in the back of the car including Deer and headed home.

    When i arrived home another quick hour (well almost) call to Malc regarding the rest of the inspection and skinning process , infact i think i kept him up a bit late so sorry Malc but many thanks again for the advice and on call gralloch assistance!

    Butchered and cleaned up and got my head down about 1 am

    All i need to do is the head now......any tips? Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry for the long post got a bit carried away!
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    Congrats on your first deer - not only is it your first but you took it solo, and a good looking buck at that! That really is an achievement as most people shoot a few with a guide before even thinking of going it solo. Well done.

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    nice one.

    remember the stalk does not end till your in the car, the last 2 deer ive shot have been in the last 10 mins before the light goes (thats fallow for ya).

    i bet malc loves you ringing him that late on . (only joking)

    you will always remember that one, well done



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    Thanks guys,

    Yeah i dont think i will be calling Malc that late again

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    Sure you will remeber that day forever. What calinbre/bullet did you use ?

    Well done !


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    I used a .243 90 grn ......... Prvi did the job perfect.


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    Looks just perfect to me.

    Atb Steve

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    Congratulations Dominic, although it was a first for me too. I have never talked someone through a bleed and gralloch in the field over a phone before. Followed closely by another call over the phone undertaking the larder work, pluck etc. us old un's need our sleep you know.

    The final text at about 11pm when I was just drifting off to sleep about the skinning was making me chuckle as I fell asleep. Things I do for this site I tell ya, to use JAYB'S catchphrase.

    Dont worry I am not "fully booked" for you, and we will sort out something on the Sika for your birthday in September.

    You are welcome down anytime to tag along, that includes Sussex. Now you have your first one you have 5 other species to go to get all the deer of the UK .

    Well done again.



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    Well done Dom , Nice write up and nice buck!.
    I'm sure Malc didn't mind talking you through the process , Your a good chap and found your enthusiasm addictive , Be happy to help you in any way, you have my number .
    Look forward to the next one
    Best Regards Brough

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    Now the Gralloch..... Hmm well i have never done a gralloch before, i have done lots of research, reading and DVD's etc so in the heat of the moment gave Malc a quick (well not so quick) call to double check as i was doing it. Whacked him on loud speaker and it was almost as good as having him there!

    Any chance of a phone number Malc, you will save me at least a monkey in fees gaining experience for dsc2.
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