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Thread: The British Deer Stalking Bible

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    The British Deer Stalking Bible

    I am looking for a good book on stalking and deer management, can anyone tell me if this book is any good or are there better alternatives to be had

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    Its not a bad read and some good info in it, but its like everything else there is always better, but think that goes down to peoples personal opinion on authors, and their knowledge.

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    Richard Prior does better stuff, have a look at his work on line.

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    I have that book, I had asked for a Richard Prior book for Xmas and they got me the wrong book! . Its OK, but large portions of the text are reprints of what he has already published in Sporting Rifle.
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    Rory Putnam's book "Deer Manager's Companion"
    A.J. de Nahlik's "Management of Deer and their Habitat"
    Richard Prior's "Roe Deer Management and Stalking"
    Dominic Griffiths's "Deer Management: Quality in Southern England"
    They'll keep you occupied for a wee while.......
    I'm sure there are a few others... Anyone else got any recommendations?

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    +1 for those JabaliHunter has already identified, maybe adding the following.

    If it's general stalking books then:
    Lewis Potter "Deer Stalking & Management"
    Graham Downing "Deer Stalking Handbook"
    Peter Carne "Woodland Stalking"

    Southern species specific:
    Charles Smith-Jones "Muntjac: Managing an Alien Species"
    Richard Prior "Roe Deer: Conservation of a Native Species"

    Stalking reflections:
    Richard Prior "Humble Pie: A Roe Stalker's Bedside Book"
    Ian Alcock: "Deer: A Personal View"
    Ian Alcock: "Chasing the Red Deer and Following the Roe"
    John Dryden: "Talking Stalking"

    If you're after something that is more about the practical aspects of stalking then you could also do worse than to subscribe to a hard copy of the Best Practice Guides, either from the DCS or the DI.

    So many deer books, so little time

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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