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Thread: Extractor problem on Remy 700

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    Extractor problem on Remy 700

    I recently purchased a Remy 700 SPS Tactical in .223 but when I try and chamber a round it requires excess mechanical force to close the bolt, and takes a slice off the side of the base rim of the chambered case. I returned it to the RFD who blamed steel cased ammo even though I had tried numerous types of both steel and brass through it and all were affected. It appeared the extractor was to blame.
    They replaced the extractor and I have purposefully only tried brass cases but it is still not right.
    Anyone else had the same problem?
    I can't see how Remington would make a rifle that could only use a certain type of ammo, And if they did, then the customer should be made aware if this at the point of purchase.
    Not happy right now!

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    It's a known issue, just google "remington 700 SPS Tactical extractor problems".

    I have the same issue on my SPS Tac but not as severe as yours - it behaves better when loaded from a mag rather than singly.
    Something to do with how the round is picked up methinks.

    Incidentally I use Lapua brass so it would be a long and convincing yarn to lay the blame at the brass's feet (or head)...
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    Mines got a mag conversion to take 10 round AI mags. It picks up the round fine, but the bolt doesn't want to close. Looks to me like the extractor is a crap design with not enough movement to allow it to move back as the round is seated.

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    I would return it as it's a recent purchase and doesn't seem fit for purpose.

    Regards JCS

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    Going through my RFD to return it at the mo. I've got no chance of using home loads as the cases are useless after the first time.
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    I get a similar problem with my model 7 22.250, it makes a smear on the side of the base and needs a bit of force to lock it in. I still reload though.

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    Send it back, I've got the same rifle and it loads, extracts steal, brass and home loads without an issue.
    Regards Oli

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    That little strip of brass that gets cut is something that has been hanging with Remington 700's for as long as there have been 700's. Many of us who are not Remington enthusiasts have commented on this inferior extractor design (a heat-treated paper clip) and it is such a well known issue that I am always amazed when people are surprised that it doesn't function correctly. I have personally replaced dozens of them... enough so that I bought a staking jig many decades back. The best advice is to either get rid of the rifle or spend the extra cash and get a SAKO-style extractor installed.~Muir
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    A Sako extractor conversion is a good option. I'm looking to give SYSS one last chance to sort it or put a conversion in. Otherwise I want my money back.

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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but what sort of costs are involved to replace the extractor with a sako type please gunsmiths
    cheers Norma

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