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    Fox bait alarm

    I have shared this on another thread but think it worth a word.I have baited foxes for years and luckily i can bait at home but always found it a bit hit or miss.I thought of cords and bells but decided against it.After a lot of ideas i came up with a 29.99 cordless alarm from easy works to 90 yards and i never miss a bite,day or night.It's counted for many foxes and is the best 29.99 i have spent for a long time.Below is one night's work.Click image for larger version. 

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    Excellent have you a link to the product? How have you set it up to notify you?

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    yes sounds just the ticket beats getting out the chair now just when emmerdale gets to a good bit .always found shining a lamp out my kitchen window gave charlie a few seconds too much time to do something about scarpering ,if i know they are snacking on the kebab i can just have the lamp scope mounted
    thanks for the tip
    good hunting

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    Try product code EAA9 cost 29.99.Fit the batteries,fix the pir low on a post and peg the bait down.Fix the alarm box in doors,i found through a window gave the best results giving about 90 yards.Chime setting is loud enough and wait for the fun to begin.

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    netto have them in occasionally, 10 I like the chime hahahaha ding dong , load up time

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    point to note on the PIR sensor, if you duck tape the sensor either side so you can only see the center of the sensor it cuts the PIR beam down and makes it more senceitive to over the bait instead of a wider target area!......just a tip if you find its getting you all excited when anything but charlie strolls by!

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    Im just on with making one that rings your phone. Been messing about making them for years. ~Newest edition is going to be a vibration on. A stake through a chicken or pheasant and when charlie starts ragging on the bird, it rings me so wether your sat there with lamp off or sat at home with a brew you know what time they are coming in. Got one off ebay thats a pir that rings you when activated and takes pictures. But pir was nt very sensitve and battery only lasted a couple of hours. Ill do a post of my full set up when i get chance

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    I use a similar set up. The only problem is that water can get into the PIR. It is best to take it apart & use Silicon around the seams. I have shot 23 foxes since Jan 1st from my attic window with it.
    The amazing thing is that if you miss them, that they still come back. Even the most lamp shy foxes are shootable, as I can fire within a second of turning on the light as I have the rifle aiming at the exact point the fox is on before I turn on the forestock switch. Usually they take 2 secs to react, i.e eyes to vulpine brain "what the bloody hell is that red light ?".
    Vulpine brain "Its one of those lights that is associated with a big bang & the disappearance of your Missus, I think that we should get out here fast".
    Brain to legs "lets get out of here fast". This takes about 2 secs for a fox to cognate.
    Hopefully I can interupt its thought processes with a 3200 fps 95 gr 6.5 V max before the brain to legs message gets passed.

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