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Thread: The taliban are coming - opinions please

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    The taliban are coming - opinions please

    The taliban are not coming - they are already here..............

    Tower Hamlets Taliban: Death threats to women and gays attacked in the streets | Mail Online

    What IS going on here ? I'm totally gobsmacked ! 'GREAT Britain' - not any more it would appear.

    The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple

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    From Dorset eh?
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    This is the most tolerant country in the world, they kill sheep on the streets in Leeds and Bradford, mutilate young girls without fear of prosicution but if your a christian in their country, or even show support for a christian your dead. It's about time we took the French stance and insisted that people living in Britian should try and .intigrate.

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    There is so much I want to say, but it's not for here really. The good news is that the M25 is quite a good foundation for a wall and outer cordon.

    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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    I think the Aussies have got it right - basically you're very welcome to our country but you need to accept that it has rules and if you don't like them you are free to leave.

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    Hmmmm I didn't realise that islamic extremists had any good ideas but tit seems that that have at least one...................................

    Now another thought motorcyclists have to remove helmets in banks etc. So simples they must remove all face viels, hoodies or anythign that cover the face to get service in any public place premissis. For security reasons................... that includes shops which the public have access too.................... Simples.

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    I've been told that we are now living in Englandistan !!!

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    Check out the second answer from the bottom! To turn the UK "into a flourishing Islamic State"!!!

    These nut cases are so dilluded it is comical.

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    Welcome to our world. We have a some people here pushing for the acceptance of Islamic law over US Constitutional law. We recently had a man run over his teenaged daughter -a beautiful child- because he thought she was becoming too "westernized". His defense was that his culture demanded him perform the "honor killing" and therefore, he was not guilty. I wonder why the man brought his family to the West if it was not to become "westernized"?? Go the hell home if you don't like western culture. He got 35 years in prison if I recall correctly, but if I did that to my daughter, I'd get the electric chair. ~Muir

    (I'd like to give JAYB an hour alone with that ba$tard, he'd want the chair about ten minutes into it...)

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