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Thread: Pup's broken???

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    Pup's broken???

    I think my 11week GWP puppy may have broken his toe(stuck his foot out just as girlfriend closed car door) He's still walking on it but its very sore, just one toe. Strapped it up and on the way to vets in the morning.

    I hope hes not joining me on the sick couch.

    Anyone ever had a dog especially a puppy break its toe? Whats the longterm effects? Will it haunt it for life?

    Any info to stop the worry would be great? Thanks

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    Broken toes heel with no issue. A couple of weeks rest and pain relief. Should be 100% afterwards.

    More serious if it has broken one or more of the metacarpal bones.

    In the olden days you would have given 1/4 of an aspirin but couldn't possibly suggest that these days......

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    Pretty sure it is just the final bone that goes into the pad on the second toe in front foot.

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    most lurchers brake toes , it doesnt slow them up for long

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    Hope it heals up quickly...
    Now you can play on the guilt to get her to give you a dog transit box for Christmas!

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