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Thread: how many of you process your own venison?

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    how many of you process your own venison?

    hi folks was cleaning up my "larder" and was wondering how many others get as much out of processing their own vension / game as i do?

    im just an amauter stalker and not shooting hundreds of deer a year so i process all the beasts into mince or diced cuts, sausages & burgers.
    i get a great deal of pleasure taking it from field to the plate...andf love experimenting with different homemade flavours

    heres my "larder" & kit built up over last few years....a lot of it readily available and cheap

    sausages stuffer from bushwear economy one 70 quid
    EI Young mincer from there too but you can get far cheaper ones
    burger press is a LEM product and will out last me its brilliant bit o kit
    vacuum packer was 30 quid form makro years ago
    electric meat slicer was 30 quid form LIDLS !!!! its brilliant
    table came from a closing butcher for pennies
    double door coke chiller was bought years ago too of another forum and is brilliant
    various chopping boards etc picke dup over the years

    also got really good anti bacterial cleaning products in old spray bottles to help with hygiene side of things... IMPORTANT
    and of course the deep freeze for it all!!

    and of course end product vacuum packed in tescos freezer bags and a sticky label so you know what it is ready for freezer or bbq!!!!

    sauer /paul
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    I do. I am lucky in that when I'm her (in Montana) I have access to a full rural butchershop to do my butchering in. When I'm in South Dakota We set up an impromptu butchering and packaging set up. Both are highly satisfactory.

    Venison: It's whats for dinner.~Muir

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    I have been butchering all my own deer for a few years, I got a pal into stalking 3-4 years ago, he is now mad about it and is a much better butcher than I am.

    Started experimenting with burgers etc this year, it has turned out really well. Made a big batch of burgers a few weeks ago with a whole pork belly minced and mixed along with sweated onions, garlic, herbs etc. Brilliant stuff, have to say I love it.

    Built a smoker also over the winter, only smoked a salmon to date but I need to get a move on and smoke some venison.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    we have a brinkman hot smoker too.....

    brother first tried it with a boned out roe haunch ...he stuffed the bone cavity with a haggis !!!! ( all could find in cupboard at the time) and smoke dit with cherry wood chips

    came out all wizened and scarlet just bought the food slicer from LIDLS (see it above)

    we thought **** its buggered...but sliced it thin like slices you get fae a came out like.....rmember ham n egg roll slices you got at school as a child?

    well like that with haggis in middle ..scarlet red on edges fading to a brisket in the middle near haggis....had it on warburtons fresh bread with bit of mustard!!!!!


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    Food is the main reason I shoot deer and other animals - I have almost no interest in antlers and have only kept one or two sets from all the deer I have ever shot. My selection criteria when culling deer is mostly food related, as I have no herd to manage as such, so I'd rather shoot succulent young deer than scraggy old ones or testosterone-packed stags...

    I've invested some serious time and energy into my larder this year, bringing the structure up to approved standards and investing in some new kit, such as an 8 cubic yard chiller, larger mincer, sausage stuffer, burger maker, dehydrator for biltong and a smoker. We are pretty self sufficient in meat now, plus I'm in the process of registering as an FBO.


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    I can doo some resonably well but i have local guy who for 15 quid a beast makes a great job, all nicely packed for the freezer. And he does not waste a bit.

    No brainer for me.


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    Process all mine on kitchen table. Most gets made into Biltongue which never has a chance to get really dry - too many too legged rats around who can smell it out when it's nearly ready - the also drain my whisky and wine stores as well.

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    got a gr8 chiller from kitchens at work fits 3 fallow and same mincer as in your pic \brilliant, thinking about an aldi winch too got block and tackle .our shoot room has a good kitchen so process in there saves mess in the house. must admit a beef steak just dont cut the mustard any more give alot of venison away as gifts folk love it dont they !

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    How do you measure your burgers they look good but it can be time consuming

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    Venison burgers are proof you can't butcher or cook.. keep burgers for the muck from a truck brigade.

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