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Thread: Can Someone Please Clarify the Procedure for Me

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    Can Someone Please Clarify the Procedure for Me

    I am thinking of exchanging my .270 for a better model. I have never bought a rifle other than to fill an empty slot on my FAC and just need some advice on procedure please.

    If I give my existing rifle in part exchange at the same time as I acquire the new rifle is it a simple "one out - one in" transaction with no FLO involvement (apart from the obvious notifications after the event)? If not what do I have to do?

    If I sell my current rifle separately before acquiring a new rifle is the procedure any different?

    Sorry for being so thick but it's just nothing I've ever done before and I don't want to get it wrong.

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    You need a 1 for 1 variation.

    As far as the firearms law goes you sell your rifle, inform police of sale enclosing your FAC and request that slot to be freed up. You then go along to the RFD and buy the new rifle. You shouldn't be able to walk in with one and walk out with a new one [assuming you don't have 2 slots the same].

    I have heard of some forces allowing you to notify 1 off and 1 on at the same time, but strictly that would be illegal.

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    Unless you have a slot for the new rifle you need to go and apply for a variation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0e_bl0ggs View Post
    Unless you have a slot for the new rifle you need to go and apply for a variation.
    Would that be a variation that I have to pay for?

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    no, it's free... I'm doing it at the moment, swapping one moderator for another.

    I do think that RFD's should be allowed to remove one and add another when a PX is done, then the usual notify within 7days job. It would make life so much easier for them as well as us.
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    You have to fill in form 101, fire arms application, with the exception of referees and photo's.

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    As has been said piecemeal.
    1. Sell your current rifle.
    2. Inform plod of the sale and fill out form 101 as per FAC application and state what cal you want to acquire. No referees or pics are required. Include current ammo holding and existing or enhanced holdings of ammo.
    3. Do this within 7 days and it is free.
    4. Receive FAC with new authority to purchase 270.
    5. Empty your wallet and let plod know what you have bought.

    The advice from BASC is worth a read on how to fill form 101 in.

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    I have to say that my FLO has been very helpful and to allow an effective "one for one" has offered to give me an extra slot without the need for Form 101 to allow me to get my new rifle on the understanding the my current rifle is sold at the same time (or very shortly afterwards) and all I have to do is to write a letter to him explaining what I want to do. Can't say fairer than that!

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