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    Partial sizing

    Not done this before so would appreciate any experience based advice. When partial sizing ackley fireformed brass with a FL die what is the rule of thumb for setting the die up short? I could of course fl size every time as the dies are customised to match the chamber but am looking at partial sizing out of interest.


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    I use a twenty pence piece between the shell holder and die as spacer when setting up,works great for me on .243 and 30.06.

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    Sounds like a plan, cheers

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    I back off my FL dies 1 full turn and then size brass as normal. You will clearly see how much of the neck has been sized. It is advisable to size at least calibre width of neck to give acceptable grip and alignment. Then adjust die back or forward to fine tune the amount of neck you wish to size. Alternatively get a Lee collet die which only sizes the neck and should accommodate the wider dimensions of the Ackley brass, although, as I don’t know your rifle calibre, you need to check this out. Which ever method you use you will find that after several firings your rifle bolt will start to be a little tighter when closing. At this point FL size your brass . This will allow you to continue neck or partial sizing for few more firings. Your brass will work harden with successive firings, how much depending on the make of the brass and the intensity of your loads. This may mean that you get insufficient neck tension using the collet die but you should be ok when partial sizing.

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