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Thread: Hello from Morayshire - Scotland.

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    Hello from Morayshire - Scotland.

    Good evening everyone,

    My Name is Glen, I reside in Elgin Morayshire.

    When I left school I was a Ghillie & Water Baliff on the River Halladale, I then swapped over onto the estate keepering side and served 3 years as assistant Stalker/Keeper, in that time I took out guests to the estate stalking Red Stags, Hinds and Roe.

    The annual cull was at the time around 300 reds.

    I had a fantastic time and shot over 100 deer to my own rifle.

    In 1993 I left to pursue better paid work, and now some considerable years later I am doing ok running a company employing 150 people and I am currently reapplying for my firearms and looking for help and advice from yourselves on the new .270 WSM round that I see has now appeared on the market.

    I will be stalking in Caithness, Sutherland and Moray and I am always interested in new contacts for stalking, lamping foxes etc.

    Many thanks.

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    Hello Glen from another newbie on hear , sounds like life is treating you well , hope you enjoy the forum


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    You got a good start in life on the Halladale, you never know I might see you sometime in Caithness, welcome to the site.

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    Thank you very much indeed gents, and I look forward to it.

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