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Thread: Free standing double high seat

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    Free standing double high seat

    Looking for a metal free standing double high seat, searched past posts and found vague details of a guy in Wereham, P D seats, etc, anyone out there had a double seat made that can be easily moved by one/two people and in their opinion is the dogs b******s, I could be looking for more than one, but would buy one first to try. Deerwarden.

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    Look up Mereside here heard very good reports.

    Atb Steve

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    IMHO you cannot go wrong with a PD High Seat, I would recommend them to anyone. My free stander is very well made & can easily be moved by 2 people.

    Paul Davis makes them, he's based just down the road from me in Abingdon & can be contacted on 07803 035092 or 01235 539248 between 14.00 and 20.00 as he's a postman.

    His seats are galvanised inside & out but I did spray mine. I have seen one that was left out bare & its now weathered to a very dull sheen so not obtrusive at all, he makes singles & doubles.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Bordersman View Post
    Look up Mereside here heard very good reports.

    Atb Steve
    I use mereside high seats commercially as does bunwell shoot
    +1 here

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    Thanks guys, lots of as well, now sorted and well pleased with seats. deerwarden.

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    mereside i have a double EXCELLENTTTTTTT

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