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Thread: Snowstorms deer

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    Snowstorms deer

    Snowstorm could it be to the right of the bush past the burn before the braken stood out in the open ???????????????????

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    That is correct! In the middle of the first open patch you come to.

    It was a doe, she may have had a fawn in the bracken - I watched her nip and out of it for hours.

    I wish I had a prize for you!

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    Do you mean the open patch with the small bushy-topped tree?

    Have left the prize next to the large square rock

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    Hi snowstorm, that is where that buck came to the other week, what came to my call, eventually, it came right from over the boundary in that basin area, near to the edge of the short grass field.


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    That's right, but I was there this weekend doing some chainsaw work and went out an a couple of look and see stalks, and didn't see single deer.

    Funny how it goes from you practically tripping over them when the ruts on to none at all.

    They must be exhuasted.

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    I believe there may be an traditional old Anglo Saxon word for their condition at this time of year which occasionaly gets an airing.

    Think it begins with an F !!!


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