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Thread: First trip to Scotland

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    First trip to Scotland

    Here are a few pictures of my first trip to Scotland.


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    Beautiful place isn't it.

    Whereabouts in Scotland?

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    Scotland is simply stunning. I've got permission on a few other grounds but didnt get any photos of those unfortunately.

    This particular estate is near Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfriesshire.

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    What type of deer are there?

    Looks like a long way to carry one back to the car!

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    This particular estate has mainly roe but some reds have been seen. Suprisingly there is quite good access due to the plantations. However, some areas would be a quite a problem.

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    very nice should hold fair numbers and looks like steady ground enjoy.......

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    Are you sure this is scotland BLUE SKIES WHITE FLUFFY CLOUDS AS WELL no rain or wind, trees not touching the floor bent over in a gale not a midge to be seen, you havent air brushed it have you . Or have i been going to the wrong places for 40 years .Looks like a nice area good luck with your stalking there MUDDY

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