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    Third Eye Spartan Moderator

    I have just taken possession of my new Spartan mod for my equally new Sauer 202 elegance.
    I haven't as yet had the pleasure of test firing it so I will reserve judgement on its effectiveness until I do, but for now what I will say is what a piece of engineering! The internal components are stunningly crafted, clearly made by someone who actually knows what they are doing, even the tool for stripping it looks worthy of taking apart a classic Aston Martin or similar, and add to that the friendly and very helpful service recieved when I spoke directly to them, its refreshing to see an example of what we Brits are capable of producing on our own turf!

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    Didn't see them in the Argos catalogue!

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    Clearly weren't looking in the right section.........

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    Ok, so I commented on the Spartan on someones classified thread, naughty! But having just found this thread I wondered how you guys who have bought one are getting on with it? I will not hold back when I say it was awful and noisy and I got rid of it, but how do you find it?

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    I kept it for a week, it got returned (and refund payed) and I now have my tried and tested Pes T12, nowt better IMHO, don't get me wrong, the spartan looked amazing, can't fault the engineering, sound supression left a lot to be desired, I didn't find muzzle flip reduced much and reduction in recoil was marginal. If others love theirs then so be it, but I like my hearing as it is!

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    I got rid of my Spartan after persevering for about 50 rounds.

    Build quality was excellent yes, but I found the suppression properties on my .243 were not good at all.

    Having then decided on an ASE Jet-Z for my .270 and being very impressed with that, the Spartan had to go and was replaced with another Jet-Z for the .243.

    Just my findings but similar to the above reply. I should have gone straight for the Jet-Z in the first place...

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