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Thread: The Blaser R93

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    The Blaser R93

    just thought i'd put up a quick review of the Blaser R93 in case anyone was interested and hadnt had the chance to see one in action.

    (no hijackers please - let this one run and feel free to add reviews if you have any experience of these rifles) positive or negative welcome, but not just "my mate had one and it wouldnt group, etc "

    I purchased a second hand .308 a while ago, and have since added a .243 barrell. The stock, bolt and .308 barrell are over 10 years old and have accounted for many deer and even some pigs!, the .243 barrell was used semi professionally before i obtained it and shoots factor federal 100gns cloverleaf at 100m. I changed from my prohunter to the R93 because after a year and a half of inconsistency, i fired 4 separate blasers completely the same as their owners, same grouping, same poi, which is what i want from a rifle, pick it up, point and shoot, no worries about how you hold it or anything else. in my opinion, one of the best avaiable for the money (theyre not cheap). My plastic stocked version (the offroad) you can treat like sh!t and it just comes back for more. i use a t4 on the .308 and 8*56 hungarians on both (1" on .243, 30mm on .308).

    this is a picture of my setup.

    and a couple of R93 related links,M1

    this video looks worth a watch, if anyone has a copy, i wouldnt mind a borrow.

    so anyone of thinking of getting one, come and join club, and never want another rifle again (apart from another blaser)

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    That's an encouraging write-up, Bucksden. The only lingering doubt I have is the lack of camming action in the R93's case extraction. Have you ever found this a problem?

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    if i knew what it meant i might be able to tell you

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    Thewy dont just walkover all other rifles, they stamp on their heads on the way probably the best rifle about for piggys and deer, apart from maybe a sauer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam
    probably the best rifle about for piggys and deer, apart from maybe a sauer
    Or a Sako, Tkka, Howa, Remmington, Ruger, Savage,Parker Hale, Midland, SHR, RWS, Winchester, CZ, Mauser and one or two others.

    I would like to say more but can't as the Poster says no knocking Blasers.

    Best rgds


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    The early ones with the rubber grip pieces inserted in the plastic stock had a bad glue. I called up blaser with a dicky stock from a fella shooter.
    Blaser repaired it no problem. They told me the early glues where not resistant against some oils. Seems to be sorted now.


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    I totally agree. Used mine for all sorts for a good few years now and can't fault it. I thought I may have made the wrong choice when I first got it, but after numerous knocks, plenty of foul weather and lots of strip-down and re-assemby it has never let me down (touch wood). I am constantly impressed with it's pointability, light weight and fast action. I have shot it using the open sights and various scopes too. I currently have a S&B 3-12x56 on top and I think that will stay put.

    Mine is in 6.5x55 and up to now I have had no need for anything else. However, I am planning to get a .223 or 22-250 barrel for it for the charlies.

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    Shot quite a couple of LRS 11's last year abroad - they were nice and accurate, never used a R93 though.

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    I used my mates R93 in England Very accurate rifle. Saw a chap shooting the running moose range the other week with a heavy barreled R93. He reloaded for the second shot like lightning. Amazing to see.
    Now from a personal veiw i look at the Blaser i appreciate how well made they are. How accurate ect. But they just don't get my juices flowing.
    So i bought, from the blaser stable the Mauser M03. It shares the same barrel system and stock as the Blaser and is like the blaser so accurate.
    Sako & Tikka are Ok. But as for the Remmington, Ruger, Savage, PH. They are just for poor people

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    How do you get on with the T4? I am in limbo at the moment as I really want to try a mod on mine, but don't want to loose my open sights really. Everyone that I speak to tells me that I would never use a rifle without a mod once I had tried one though.

    Just interested in your thoughts as you have one with and one without, albeit in quite different calibers.

    Also, have you thought about using the same scope on both barrels and just adjusting the settings by a set number of clicks each time? I thought that if it worked, it would significantly reduce the investment and I could maybe spend the money on a 9.3x62 barrel (or similar), unmoderated and with the open sights still in place, for the bigger driven stuff and keep the 6.5x55 and moderate it for day-to-day use on everything else. I might even use the 6.5 on the foxes then too.

    I would just be interested to see how you got on anyway.....


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