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Thread: hornady sst bullets any good ?

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    hornady sst bullets any good ?


    Im new to reloading, has anybody got any firsthand experence of these sst bullets im thinking of buying some 150 grain ones for my 308 (for my first reloading job ).

    what are they like meat damage wise , say compared to a softpoint ????

    will mainly be shooting fallow deer.



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    ive used SSTs in .284 and .308 in 139gn and 150gn respectively. Both give a lot more meat damage than something like hornady soft points or sierra game kings. Ive never had any horror stories with them, just a fair bit of meat damage, for instance, when hitting a rib on the way in and out, i got 2'' entry and slightly bigger exit whereas with interbonds i was getting a half inch entry and exit. The SSTs definitely put the deer down, so are very effective in that respect. Depends what you want, deer dropping on the spot with a bit of meat damage or a deer which may run a bit but less damage. These are only my personal findings.. ive probably only shot 15 deer with them.

    I shot a big sika stag with the SSTs and gave a good sized exit wound, it dropped on the spot.

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    i cant have any runners due to the way my land is layed out, so i think sst it is then, to drop them where they are.

    thanks for the reply ffm.



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    Ive been reloading with these for 3 years now and no complaints, i also shoot .308 cal with the 150g SST's there good mate, shot a lot of Roe with these, as well as Fallow and i can honestly say not noticed any more damage than with my .243, ive still had Roe run on from a 80yrd shot all about shot placement!!!!!

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    hi mate ive only used them in 243 but have found them excellent i was recomended them by a few people and there all still using them regards john h

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    An excellent bullet.

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    I have used them for years, shot hundreds of deer with SSTs, from Munties to Red Stags. I have used them in 6mm 30cal and 270, no complaints. I can not say the meat damage was particularly worse than the old soft points I used before. Putting the bullet though the ribs and keeping “off the shoulder” keeps the meat damage down, but if you want them down on the spot you may opt to shoot them though the shoulder anyway.



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    I use them in .264" 129gn and they stop fallow, roe, muntjac and fox. I have not noticed any massive meat damage, in fact i get considerably less than i did with RWS 140gn and about the same as federal 140gn Powershok.

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    have used 117grain sst in 257 cal. and they knock down reds and fallow very well,never noticed any more meat damage than a soft point bullet.well worth the money

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    I use 129 grn sst,s and i just put the bullet through the sholder no runners n hassel and i shoot on the edges of motoways and housing schemes

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