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Thread: CZ 452-2E American .17HMR

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    CZ 452-2E American .17HMR

    CZ 452-2E American
    Bolt Action
    Two Magazines 5 & 10 Round
    Rimfire Magic Trigger Kit
    Nikko Sterling Nighteater 6-24x56 IR Scope
    Flip up Scope Covers
    1 year old
    Excellant condition
    475.00 I will accept offers (sensible)

    Currently for sale on commission with Carp Trading Sporting Goods (PM me and i can avoid the commission from the dealer and will accept a lower offer)
    (t: 01962 771 753)

    see below link for pic Click Second Hand Guns > Rifles > top listing

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    AAAAAAAARRRRRHHHHHH this is exactly what i was looking for, but now im saving for a 7x57 damdam dam...

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    Make me an offer?



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    That would be a no. Add a bit more and you can get the rifle alone.



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    would you sell the scope seperatly?

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