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Thread: Hello from Australia

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    Hello from Australia

    Hello -

    My Name is Rick

    I am from Victoria Australia

    Enjoy camping and 4 wheel driving, also breed Australian parrots

    Hunt for Deer ( Fallow, Red, Sambar ) have used .308, and the old trusty .303,have taken a Red stag with the .308, and also a Hog deer stag, but mostly use the hunting compound bow now, have taken a chital hind with the bow, use the Bow for hunting Rabbits, fox's Hare's, pigs, goats,and anything feral.

    Also use ferrets and nets around the burrows

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    welcome to the sd ricko ,looking at your intro you should add a bit of spice to the forum ,its great to get to see how things are done all over the world .
    regards and good hunting

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    This must be a spoof.

    Don't they all say g'day & not "Hello" ?

    Welcome Rick.
    Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it, hump it or learn from it then piss on it and walk away.

    "HOSPITALITY" - the art of making guests feel at home (when you wish they were).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyefor View Post
    This must be a spoof.

    Don't they all say g'day & not "Hello" ?

    Welcome Rick.
    G'day Maaate-:
    Have to keep the manners right for you English gentlemen,


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