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Thread: Hows your game crops in this dry weather??

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    Hows your game crops in this dry weather??

    Drilled April 1st.
    Half the drill filled with triticale the other linseed and both sides mixed with kale kale/rape hybrid.
    Some under sow with reed canary grass.
    these were taken last week, they are desperate for a drink which they have now had so i will try and take another in a few days when they have "perked" up.
    They don't look to bad though.

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    What are your covers for? pheasants or deer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickyboy View Post
    What are your covers for? pheasants or deer?
    partridge and pheasants, though i have some 3 year old chicory the deer love

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    Sounds an intrsting mix...I'd like to see how they grow and look through the season.

    We use maize, with broadcast millet around the outside for a bit of warmth. We run through it with the landie to create tracks, its like a great big hopper, definately cuts down on feeding, which is great with current prices of wheat.

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    What dry weather

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    The dry weather is the least of my problems, just sown a block with a mix of sorgum triciale linseed red white and reed millet.
    This will be the last attempt at a game crop on my bit , last year the red's decimated my catch crop.
    I suppose i could electric fence it but some scrote would nick the battery and energiser.

    Already having problems with the deer, i have spuds planted smack next to my wood which already have been re ridged

    here is a clip of the damage the morning after they were planted, i have caught them a few times in the afternoon waiting for darkness just inside the treeline.

    Now they have sprouted they seem to have given up and probably eyeing the cover up
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    I would get the rifle out they would not be there that long

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    Yea they are getting to be a bit of a pest now, been in season i would have .
    I have put a few shots over them it works for a time but they always return, looks like i will have to thin a few out this season . DF

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    Its early days on my crops, a couple of weeks after yours John, we ploughed and drilled straight away to retain as much moisture as possible though they could do with a good drink.
    I got plenty of manure and slurry onto the ground so fingers crossed all will be well and the rats didnt massacre the maize this year like they did last year.
    My chicory which I put in around various woodland edges on the estate is in its second year and is looking really good so im looking forward to seeing how the deer take to it.

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