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Thread: This morning's buck

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    This morning's buck

    Went out for a look round this morning and shot this:

    He was persuing a doe with two fawns. They did the usual roundy roundy thing, fawns looking most confused, but he eventually gave up and wandered my way. I thought the rut would have been well over by now!?! Perhaps it was just recreational

    Shame about the one point being broken - something I see a lot of on my ground. Could it be a mineral deficiency of some sort or something like that or is it likely to be more genetic?

    I also erected my first salt lick site. A bit crude with rock salt roped on top of a post and covered in black molasses. Looked tempting enough though. I will see what happens....

    Hope you are all well and making the most of the dry spell. Perhaps we might get a summer after all!


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    Nice buck, do you know what age he is? I am presuming here, from the lack of heavy pearling, that yours is not that old. Is it just me or are there more 6-point youngsters around these days?

    Re: the broken points, I've not been able to determine any rhyme or reason to it. I figured if it was genetic then maybe they had bad eyesight and kept crashing into trees

    Like broken points, I've been wondering about malforms - I've shot two mature bucks on the same ground that both had badly malformed antlers, which made me think it was genetic, but then read somewhere it was more likely they'd both been damaged in velvet. Who knows....I guess that's why we find deer so interesting.

    Be keen to hear about the results from the salt lick - certainly looks good enough to eat!


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    Re: This morning's buck

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Terry
    Hope you are all well and making the most of the dry spell. Perhaps we might get a summer after all!
    Sorry - what dry spell is that?

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    hi mark
    that looks about right for the area , genetic i would say
    what is he about 5-6 yrs old?
    hav you measured the length of the antlers as they look quite tall in the pic

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    I guessed him at about 5 yrs, but i'm not that experienced at guessing ages yet. Would you say that is a bit too young to cull? I really have to take the majority of chances that I get due to limited time to cover the ground.

    Without measuring, I would put the antlers at around 20cm. The bucks on my permission seem to all have long rather than thick antlers and I guess that is down to the surrounding environment. What type of land produces the short, thick heads that I have seen at the gamefairs and such? Or is it perhaps, mainly down to management?

    This fella dressed out at a shade under 18kilos - pretty average for my bucks this year.

    He is the only 6 pointer that I have shot this season.

    As far as malforms go willie, I haven't come across one yet - apart from some slightly 'wonky' heads anyway. They certainly are interesting beasts though.


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    hi mark these are a few from my permission
    the one on the left has an antler length of 11 1/2 inch right antler , 11 inch left antler

    all got the same trait tall but thin and all 6 points except the one pic with the lab in that was a four pointer
    there are some very good bucks about and some with realy heavy , but short antler length , can't hav it all i suppose

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