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Thread: S&B BDC or Swarovski BT reviews wanted.

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    S&B BDC or Swarovski BT reviews wanted.

    Hi all

    I fancy an S&B precision hunter over my s&b 8x56, to go on my .308, for the BDC feature. But I think perhaps a Swarovski BT might be simpler to use. *I like to do some casual target shooting and mainly use the hold over method up to about 400 yards, which works for me. *For shooting animals I think I don't really need the BDC or BT features but may enjoy using it should I ever wish to make a longer shot. *Does anyone have any experience of using *either features good or bad and what so you use them for?

    Thanks John*

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    I have had Schmidt abd Bender PM2's for as long as I've had my rifles.......I have never needed to use the BDC, I am now though going to use the feature on my 22-250 for rabbits out to 400-500m hopefully. FlyingFisherMan off here, uses a 5-25x56 PM2 and has used it to good effect out to 800m (At targets that don't breath). That's on a 7mm08.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Not used one, but I like the idea that you range the deer using the reticle posts, say roe is 100yds post to post 200 yds post to cross hair, and 300 yds post to 3/4 ish to crosshair. then just turn the BT to either 100, 200, or 300 and hold straight on - no need to hold-over...sounds good to me..then again, if you zero at 180yds or so, you're pretty much dead on hold to 250 yds which is pretty simple to work with as well...

    I zero at 100 for my roe work, as I never really need more than 150yds worth of reach, and think I will use 150 or 180 for the hill this year.

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    It may or may not be of interest, but some 2 years ago I bought the following scope in 4-16 x 50.

    I didn’t like it and have now moved on to the following scope (Z6 5-30x50 P L)

    With a BR reticle. There is nothing to fiddle with on this scope, and I carry the attached images on my i-Phone.

    PM a number if you want some more background.

    Good luck. JCS
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    Thanks for the responses chaps, gives me something to think about!

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    My Swarovski has the BT on it. You are welcome to come around for a cup of tea & have a look at it.



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    I have the 3-12x50 precision hunter on my deer rifle. Here are a few things to consider. Down side - The turret is a single turn and only has enough elevation for 500 to 700yrds (from 100yard zero)depending on your chosen cartridge (something to think about if your target shooting).

    Good side - The clicks are in mils and so is the mildot ret so if you have a chart in your butler creek cap you can dial in or hold over using the same information. You can obviously also use the mildot to allow for windage as well. Also being a first focal plain ret the hold over points remain the same if the magnification changes. The scope is a bit old now compared to the swaro's but the simple features mean there's less to think about in the field.

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    I have a BDC on my schmidt and am just getting the hang of it. Every click has a white line on the dial, I have blacked out the ones except for the 200 and 300 zeros. I have never used the Swaro, but have shot them on friends guns, and I prefer the Schmidt.

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    you might want to consider something with a TDS reticle, like the swarovski pvi2 high grid 6 - 24 x 50, look at the ballistics resource on the swarovski website and with a 200 yard zero it gives you aim points out to about 600 yards. you can even specify your target eg fallow and it will tell you how big the "zone" for each bar is. i have 2 of them and use them on my fox and deer rifles, althouh not out to 600y (yet). if a company like swarovski say its ok to shoot deer at that range it must be true. its better than clicking onto a target that might move and you cant forget to re adjust after each shot. i love em!!

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