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    was out looking for rook chicks hopping around out of the nest this weekend,,didn't see any..normally they're out in mid-may though? you seen any around yet?....

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    not hopping they are flying well around here.Think i recall 13th may as being the traditional brancher shooting day but is much earlier in recent years

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    Went out Saturday evening on the Rooks, branchers all up & flying now but still a bit unsteady & with no stamina so coming back into the nest regularly which meant we had some great shooting

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    first time ive shot branchers in april usually 12th of may is rook shooting day , after you plant your beans

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    In my youth in Shropshire May 15th was the magic day, air rifle practice par excellence, we had several very large rookeries to thin out. Would spend all weekend with a mate roaming around several big oak woods, tall trees, very testing shooting.


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    on the 12th you went to stow fair in the morning , planted your beans the shot rooks after tea

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    I was out on Sunday and there were plenty about, we had a good couple of hours shooting.
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