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Thread: Hello from Surrey!!

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    Hello from Surrey!!

    Hello all. I am from Ireland, living in Surrey and have been shooting, fishing and hunting since I was first able to pick up a stone on the family farm longer ago than I care to remember.

    I help run a DIY game shooting syndicate near where I live and have a good piece of ground for stalking on the North Downs near to where Ian Alcock wrote about his early stalking adventures. The deer are mostly roe, with some muntjac and unconfirmed rumours of free ranging reds, probably escapees from someone's private collection. I also have stalking ground in Ireland for Sika and Red but rarely get to use it.

    I look forward to learning much from contributors, at least one of whom I know, having shared a few stalking trips (and a leaky tent) in Scotland in the past.

    I'm a bit knackered at the minute as I was out on fox patrol last night and then in to work early this morning, but one fox won't be dining on our pheasants any longer anyways. A bit of a disappointment numbers wise as I'd hoped for more but the time wasn't wasted.

    Anyways, thanks for reading this and I look forward to contributing to the forum in the future.

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    welcome to the site armo.are you from the north or the south?i usually have a few days in the north on the woodcock with a mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tika.308
    welcome to the site armo.are you from the north or the south?i usually have a few days in the north on the woodcock with a mate.
    Thanks tika, I'm from the north, right beside Lough Neagh where there's any number of snipe, duck and geese in winter. It's not great for woodcock though - I think they tend to gather in the Western counties. Where do you go for them?

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    county antrim near ballymoney,i shot ducks on lough neagh in january last time out on the hides,not sure how you spell it but they call them scants?i went out with a couple of the eel fishermen who are mad for shooting in the winter.

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    Welcome Armo. I'm on the Surrey/Hampshire border - whereabouts are you based?

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    Now then ya Bugger, how ya going on. It`s about bloody time i`ll tell ya.
    Yes, welcome to the site from me mate and i do remember the leaky tent up in Ayreshire, good times. Oh, and that dog of yours getting out and roaming all night, god only knows what he got up to

    Anyway, I think you know the site is full of knowledge and friendly people ready to help so get stuck in and ask away. I am just a bit busy at the moment, but i will give you a call when things settle down a bit.



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    Hi Armo,
    Im also in Surrey right on the North Downs. I have only ever seen roe when out and about, so to hear about munties is very interesting indeed.
    You will find this site very friendly and everyone helpful. Looking forward to some of your posts.Now going for a walk after lunch with the binos on a muntjac spotting caper!!


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    Thanks for all the replies fellas. I'm glad to have joined the site as I'm sure it will be of benefit. One fresh piece of news from the 'curiosity' section - out for a stalk on Sunday evening on my ground on the North Downs and what did I see but 3 red deer hinds!! I mentioned rumours of them in my intro, little did I expect to be reporting on them a few days later. I'd stopped to check a few mushrooms near a roe hotspot and looking up I saw 3 heads surveying me from the middle of some bracken from 40-50 yards off before they moved off smartly but not in a run. Excellent news. We have had other sightings locally but that was my first and we have a standing policy not to shoot them, at least until the numbers get up a bit. We also have munties, I've seen only two and again the policy is to shoot only the bucks in order to allow the numbers to increase.

    Wada, good to hook up here mate, saw a few photos of you on the forum, a few more grey hairs than last time but haven't we all. I'll have to physically drag you down here as you haven't been tempted by the stalking offers; maybe we'll get together north of the border sometime.

    Spark,Richard I'm not far from Reigate, and my main ground is a bit further west - amazing to think that Surrey is the most densely wooded county in the UK given the proximity of parts of it to population centres, but there's plenty of deer. Aside from the hinds, I was just steading myself on a little cull buck on Sunday when he just got my scent with a sudden wind change and made off. I did get a fox on the way back to the vehicle though, some, but scant compensation.

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    I'm at the Dorking side of Reigate and know the areas well. Roe all over but no munties yesterday on my walk.......

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