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Thread: Brattonsound rifle / gun cabinets for sale - very good condition

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    Brattonsound rifle / gun cabinets for sale - very good condition

    2x rifle / gun cabinets for sale:

    1. Brattonsound rifle cabinet (extra deep) RL5+
    as per this one here:
    Locking top model and takes up to 6 rifles / guns, with 5 foam slots. About 28cm of actual usable depth and more than enough depth for bipods and large scopes.
    Only a couple of years old and in top condition. One corner rubbed slightly from delivery van, but just cosmetic, otherwise superb condition.
    100 collected

    2. Brattonsound 3-gun cabinet (used for 3 rifles just now and they fit, though snug).
    Think it's the ST3 model, which is this one:
    Again top condition and only a couple of years old, if that. About 18cm usable internal depth. Good for shotguns or rifles without massive scopes. Rifles currently in it have 42mm objectives. No internal locker on this model.
    70 collected

    Location: Carlisle / Cumbria area until 1st June and then Uttoxeter / Staffordshire area.

    Selling because amalgamating FACs and SGCs with my girlfriend and sharing a bigger cabinet so we can minimise holes in new rented house.

    Any questions pm and I'll get back to you asap.

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    Can I ask a question which might help everyone?

    For me the critical feature of all gun safes is their depth. The 5-gun is quoted @ 348mm, and the 3-gun @ 204mm.

    Are these external or internal measurements? If these are external measurements, what's the internal (usable) depth in each? The thickness of the door differs by model.... that's why I'm asking.

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    Usable depths added to main advert. Interest by pm please. Kind regards.

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