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    FAC Application

    I am in the process of filling in my first FAC application.

    My aim is to get a .308 which I know some forces do not like for a first FAC application. My reasons are as follows.

    1. I am from Scotland and have access through a friend to red deer stalking.
    2. I would like to try Boar shooting.
    3. I plan to shoot a fair amount at targets on an approved range and have priced up FMJ .308 a fair bit cheaper then .243 fmj.

    Are the above valid reasons for applying for a .308 rather than the more usual .243?

    I have been a game shooter and SGC holder for around 15 years and have a bit of stalking experience through a family friend using an estate rifle.


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    Drop any mention of "cost" savings. Will tend to work against you rather than for.

    Cost is not an issue as far as good reason is concerned.


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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post
    Drop any mention of "cost" savings. Will tend to work against you rather than for.

    Cost is not an issue as far as good reason is concerned.

    Thanks! Tight Scotsman now living in Yorkshire!!!

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    Its all down to "good reason", can you justify the need to possess the firearm for the reasons stated. Cost is not a viable reason and my advice would be to avoid it at all costs
    Do the research be ready and stand your ground!!!!!

    Good luck!!!

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    I think you might need to book some boar shooting rather than just "like to have a go at it" and maybe get your mate to write a letter inviting you to stalk on his ground.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Chances are your FEO would contact your friend to establish if the proposed ground is suitable/confirm that will indeed be shooting with him. Prime your friend in advance to say that he has a minimum calibre requirement as some estates do, I believe, of .30 cal. That is if your friend doesn't shoot with a .243..!

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    put down that you wish to use a .308 for target out to 1000yds (I assume you can find a range to that distance?) because the availability of ammunition types and components exceeds the range available in .243 for that purpose, at the same time you have the option to stalk deer so to reduce the number of rifles in your possession you would like the .308 conditioned for Deer and any other lawful quarry, the Boar may require further clarification it depends on your local force's policy.
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