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Thread: tick increase

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    tick increase

    just come back from the galloway after 4 days stalking and already found 4 ticks ,1 on my foot 2 on my calfs and 1 on my shoulder? how it got there i dont know any way ill be keeping an eye on the bites for the dreaded lymes disease,dont know why but other lads didnt get touched,probably something to do with me doing all the grallochs and larderwork,come on bigyan you dont want to get blood on your jeans do you lol

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    yes i had 1 2weeks ago just had bloods done today as been feeling **** for a few days will here back in about 7 days so fingers crossed

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    oh well good luck and keep us informed

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    It does seem like this year might be a vintage year for ticks, the nutters of course will be blaming it on "climate change" I'm sure, but there certainly seem to be a lot of them about and maybe more than in any recent year. They seem to go in phases like that so I guess it is worth being extra careful this year. In saying that I frequently have to pick a handful or more of them off and have been doing this for many years with no ill effects so I'd say that the risk to the recreational stalker who gets ticks maybe a few days per year is probably slim in terms of Lyme Disease. Worth being aware of the dangers and symptoms but no need to panic and don't ruin your days sport worrying about it.

    Now, of course, I must confess that I've just spent the last week in bed with "flu like" symptoms. However, this is more likely to be because I had the flu rather than anything else :-)

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    i have stalked down at thetford for 7 years and i have never seen as many as there is this year.

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    It's because we had an early snowfall, before we had any hard frosts, the cold came after the snow had made an insulating layer on the ground.

    They say it's going to be a bad year for midge too.


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    This comes back on line on the 20th May:

    Well worth keeping an eye on
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Tick on your shoulder. Walking under trees will do it as they crawl up trees and shrubs out to the end of branches and drop off when you shake the branch.Had it happen a lot in scrub trees when I was up in Argile.

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    Same up here on the back coast, I've never seen so many ticks in 15 years of pro stalking.
    I'm seeing alot of very small ones which with our wind means they could be blown onto you meaning you can get them anywhere

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    An experiment once put a few ticks in a deep freeze for a week and they lived so weather has hee-haw to do with thier survival.

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