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Thread: hello from london

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    hello from london

    hello all

    i have been hunting in africa and himalayas mainly. now i have moved back and am planning on stalking arround or closer to london. preferably in a syndicate. own a 308 and dsc1 only.
    also like to shoot birds when in season.

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    Hello Hatari,

    Just saw you were a fellow Londoner. Like you I'm also looking at getting into stalking (but I don't have the experience outside the UK).

    Where have you hunted in Africa? And where are you in the big smoke?


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    Hi Hatari,

    There's no zebras or baboons in London but the surrounding area does have one hell of a population of deer. You should have no problem finding some sport; I stalk near to it myself.


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    where in london does anybody know anyone or can direct me

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    Not in London but less than an hour away. Try Mike of Jelen Deer Services out in winchester

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