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Thread: hello all

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    hello all

    been in scotland now 3o years and bit by bit got into trout, salmon, feild sports. no FAC as yet but I take much pleasure rabbiting, decoying pigion & crows. Occasionaly clays yet
    still hold a clay shoot at new year but much smaller now than years gon by. Contenplateing
    applying for a FAC but most of the ground I shoot is not suitable, having said that not all of it would be a problem any way at the moment I have a Berreta white onyx 12g & a lovely s by s Denton Kennel Silver Point, + a 1916 enfeild 303 bored out to 410 but thats a story all of its owne. I now have a not bad springer cocker cross but the best was a springer lab cross she was a briliant companion and feild dog.

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    Welcome silver345, lots to interest you on this site. Nice to hear your not without a dog.

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