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Thread: Quality donor action/rifle 222 or 223 to re-barrel to 17 Fireball

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    Quality donor action/rifle 222 or 223 to re-barrel to 17 Fireball

    Wanted - Quality donor action/rifle 222 or 223 to re-barrel to 17 Fireball,
    all makes considered, prefer: SAKO - AI, L461 - 75, Howa/ Weatherby, Tikka 590-595, etc.
    Shot-out barrel no problem.

    cheers FlyBoy270
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    Good luck with that.

    One of the lads here had a Tikka 222 at a reasonable costs. Do a search for it.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    all makes considered, prefer: SAKO - A2 - 75, Howa/ Weatherby, Tikka 590-595, etc.

    Don't waste your time looking for a Sako A2- wrong boltface, wrong action length. You need an A1 or L461.

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    get the sako a1 or L461 if you can. it will feed from the mag no problem then. its also very small action compared to the m595 I had mine built on.

    so ideal if you want to keep weight down etc...

    here is the one had done on the tikka m595 action. its like a hmr to shoot and around the same sound level . but alot better ftlb as you know. average of 4033fps from the 20 grain vmax makes it pretty flat shooting also got more load work yet though to do

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    My local dealer had both a Sako A1 and a Tikka 595 in .223 and .222 respectively a couple of weeks back. If you want his contact details, pm me and you can speak to him direct. Both looked in pretty good nick though, so may not be what you are after.

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    I notice you sleep with your rifle too !


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    cabinet is in that room mate. the other half go's mad at me because last time i put the rilfe on the bed the crown was dirty and got carbon all over the sheets she wasnt happy at all

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