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Thread: Konus rifle scopes

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    Konus rifle scopes

    Hi guys....Anybody have any experience of these ?
    Rifle Scopes Online

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    Hope the scopes are better than the spelling in their marketing bumph! "proffessional" I think not!!!!

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    think if that is your budget you could do worse than MTC.
    never heard and dont know anything about Kronus but then I suspect that could be as bad as hearing a lot of bad things!

    I have been shopping for scopes in that price range for a while and not come across them as recommended.

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    I have one. Its ok actually. I have it on a rimfire and is perfectly adequate. It is cheap glass and is not particularly good in low light but to be honest for the money you cant go wrong.

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    I have one and the glass is ok for the money pay but obviously not as good S&B. I haven't used it as a stalking scope though.
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    a lad i took foxing had one on a 204 ruger, it had nasty blue illuminated xmas tree reticle. also the safety catch didnt work on his rifle. he didnt come out again!! better off buying scruffy second hand european for same money.

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    The bad spelling is probably a translation mistake as Konus are an Italian company however as most companies now there optics are made in the far east as I understand it. Had a look at some of them at the Newark show but like most companies seem ot think that we all want all sorts of bells and whistles on a scope It's getting and harder and harder to find a straight scope with out them now.

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