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Thread: DSC Level 2

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    DSC Level 2

    Hi there,

    was just wondering if anyone has any info on the dsc level 2? I'm in central Scotland and I have completed level one. Who would be the rite people to speak to in this area to arrange to do my level 2?

    Cheer rob

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    One option is to register with BDS via the following link:

    Secondly, you can have a look at:

    Regards JCS

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    Thanks very much for that JCS, I will go and have a look just now.

    Many thanks

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    On the DMQ website as suggested above by JCS, then go to the Download section (DMQ Setting the standard for wild deer management) and download the "Candidate Brief (4.5Mb)"

    I have found it answers all my questions so far.

    Check the "Approved Witness Guide " too as it will give you an idea of the role of the AW and what the candidate and the assessor can expect of each other etc

    I'm no where near ready for my Level 2 yet but does no harm to prepare yourself

    Hope that helps & good luck


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