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Thread: Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

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    Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

    I'm looking at swapping my current car for a shogun sport, Anyone got one or had one and what do you think of them? I'm looking at a warrior spec with the 18" alloys which I'm worried about restricting tyre choice and having an effect on ride quality. From the rest of the interweb the only downside I can see is they're a bit thisty but it'll not do many miles. your thoughts please (appart from you should get a landrover etc etc)

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    The large petrol engined ones are ideal candidates for LPG conversions, 60p/litre. If you buy a tank yourself, as per heating LPG but with a filler nozzle attatched, it's possible to do it much cheaper again!

    They are comfy too!

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    And the soot chuckers wouldn't pull your 4skin back....

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    Turning circle crap, decient ride for a 4x4 will last a long while, go for the oil burner.


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    shogun sport

    Had an 06 one just the SWB it was an auto but was fairly decent onthe forestry roads and comfortable on the road did like the fuel though.

    Cant agree with red dot i found the performace good.


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    I had the diesel version for three years from new averaged 27mpg no matter what. Towing 27mpg, 1 person in 27 mpg, 5 people in 27mpg! As Bodach said turning circle rubbish so you soon get used to 23 point turns, service interval was only 7500m miles and the local dealers were 400 a time if you had to use then. Mind you I had it on a lease and the fuel was more a month than the vehicle (lease 220 plus vat a month!)

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    Not a Shogun but the "Sport" version... cheese cylinder heads and bearings made from plasticene.

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    Got an 03 plate in 3.0 petrol with all the trim. Happy with it as it gives me all the car stuff I want with the 4 x 4 when needed. No issues with turns versus another 4 x 4.

    Is just an L200 with a full length body on top.


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    I rest my case M'Lud.

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    check service history, oil change important or big ends go, need decent tyres to go off road at all. gut shot deer anddogs stink it out, better off with doublecab and hard top!!!

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