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Thread: What? yet another newbie?

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    What? yet another newbie?

    Hi all, I'm kernel gadaffi (the nutter) from County Durham and have just joined, I've been shooting for 40 years having fired my first air rifle aged 7 years old, had a Weihrauch HW35 to start with and then bought "The Beast" an HW80. Obtained my SGC in 1989 and started a clay shooting club with some pals which is still going very strong and got my FAC 7 years ago which consisted of 2X.22rf and mods, after four years I was asked by a few of my permissions to try to use something with less ricochet due to live stock, so I got a variation for a .17HMR and mod so now I have the option and a bit more land to shoot on due to a bit of networking and being known in the area all my life.
    I was lucky two years ago when I was given the chance by a friend of almost 30 years to go stalking in NW Scotland and he persuaded me to apply for a bigger calibre, he suggested a .243 or 6.5 with moderators, my FAC was up for renewal so I applied for both and got them and am the proud owner of a CZ 550 American in .243 with a DM80 mod and an S & B 8X56 German on top which claimed its and my first blood last year, a handsome 6 point red stag.
    I also have as stated .17 and .22, both CZ Americans, the .22 has a PH mod and a Hawke 3-12X50 IR on top zeroed for 80 yards, the .17 has a DM80 mod and is topped with a Simmons WTC 6.5-20X50 zeroed at 36 yards for the optimal allowance of bullet drop at 130 yards, this thing is a tack driver, I also have a Classic Doubles Sporter for clays and the odd bit of game shooting.
    The down side for me however is I lost half my right leg in a motorcycle accident in March 86 so my mobility is limited and then in February this year I had a fall at work resulting in me damaging the knee on my good leg and my back, so I've been off work since then and apart from only getting SSP and am having to watch the pennies, I am about 1000+ down on my rabbit sales and may have to miss out on any more trips to Bonnie Scotland until I'm sorted and my doctor tells me I may be in for the "long haul".
    But I'm still here and am looking to "receiving the wisdom" from fellow shooters and to adding my own sometimes bizarre "happenings".



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    Welcome to the site Alan, it sounds like you have your self well kitted out. I know there are roe deer opportunitites in Co Durham - do you get out for them at all?

    I've never shot there, but I know people who do - they are a bit protective of where they go

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    Hello Alan and welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about your woes, you sound as mobile as me. I have a knee replacement and had to have an operation on my spine a couple of years back, and am at present seeing a neurologist.

    But don't let it stop you mate, I don't. I have a quad and Sika stags available. You be surprised what you can manage, I can either treat my quad as a low high seat with wheels, or I stalk very slowly. Ropes over tree branches, quad for muscle and you can get the gralloch done. Lower the carcase onto the quad carrier and away you go. It's all doable mate just stick with it. Lamping for rabbits is also good on a quad. If you have trouble getting on and off, get one of those stick arrangements, with a handle one end and a grab the other, knock the bunnies over, ride out to collect them, have a fish box on the front carrier and just drop them in the box. Soon start making money again.

    By the way CZ good choice I have three of them


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    Welcome to the site Alan.

    Wow, you have been through the mill a bit haven`t you ? but i am glad to hear your spirits haven`t been dampened too much keep at it mate.


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    Welcome! It sounds like you have a busy life, despite all the troubles.
    You're right about Scotland - very bonny!

    Look forward to hearing about your stalking


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    Well snowstorm, the shooting down here is hard to get but like I say I'm well known down here and so have plenty of contacts and word of mouth plus I shot with a guy who has a fair bit of his own shooting and we work as a team.

    jayb states-:am at present seeing a neurologist.

    I hope your enjoying her!!!!!!

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    Hi Kernel,
    glad to hear of another raspberry on the site, was thinking i was the only one.
    welcome and keep posting

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    The neurologist is a man, a small delicate Polish Dr. I cannot spell his name but he pronounced it Magic, I hope he can work some on me.

    Your a saucy Kernel ain't ya


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