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Thread: Venison recipe

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    Venison recipe

    This is my version, have a bottle of red wine reducing in a saucepan until it starts to thicken, caramelise some shallots and throw in some carrot batons and cook for a few minutes, add to the sauce, quickly fry two venison fillets but leave well under done, put on plate to keep warm, add two teaspoons of green peppercorns (brined) and some redcurrant jelly to the sauce and add the fillets for a minute or two, serve with some mashed potato which has had some creamed horseradish stirred into it. Cracking.

    Garlic can be added if it floats your boat.

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    Thanks for sharing, this finds sounds really nice.



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    i`ll have to give that a try

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    we'll be trying that out too.

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    It sounds delicious but, being a "Kill it and Grill it" kinda guy when it comes to good venison, I must ask: Does all the seasoning and sauce cover the taste of the venison? All the recipes I see on the Forum seem to begin with a bottle of red wine. Am I just that much of a hillbilly? ~Muir

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    that sounds good will tell the wife

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    great recipe the wine goes brilliantly with the meat!

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