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Thread: royal marines help out

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    royal marines help out


    seen this today

    anyone involved or know what happens to the horses


    Marines help round up wild horses (17 May 2011 08:27)

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    I think they are to be vet checked, then sold

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    wonder where the moneys goes ??? back into the Hmr pocket lol

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    I cant see it being wholly diferent than down here in the New Forest Frank apart from maybe having not been controlled

    The New Forest Commoners will have a drift minus helicopters and Marines and bring them all in and then up to Beaulieu Road Pony Sales which is held several times a year

    Nearly all the foals ive seen this year have been Colts so there will be some cheap deals or some fat hounds

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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