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Thread: First 4x4: need tyre recommendation

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    First 4x4: need tyre recommendation

    I was running a Nissan Primera, but I took it to the garage last week and was told it needed significant work to fix the exhaust and steering, effectively writing it off. Mind you I probably hastened its demise by shaking it to pieces down bumpy roads

    So, I was thinking along the lines of something small like a Suzuki Jimny or a Fiat Panda 4x4, both mentioned favourably here. The wife put her foot down and insisted that we be able to fit the kids in it, which instantly ruled out the Jimny which doesn't have 5 doors, so no practical way to get the car seats in the back, apart from being too small. So I ended up dragging the family off to see the Panda at the nearest Fiat dealer, again the wife insisted it was too small in the back despite having enough doors

    Almost ready to give up hope of owning a small 4x4 and we came across a Fiat Sedici. A what !?!? Yeah, I hadn't heard of it either. Turns out it's actually a Suzuki SX4 in disguise and Fiat's input was basically the styling. Bigger than the Panda, it's much faster, a bit bigger not much more fuel consumption because it's 2WD most of the time. Big enough to keep the wife happy.

    Anyway, all I need now are some tyres that will be reasonable off road: 205/60 R16 - I've not been able to find anything on the internet, it seems that being small the selection is limited, do I need to ring around? Or will I need to invest in smaller rims?

    Also, is there anything else I need?

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    Mat, I always use Bridgestone All Terrains, I've got one of the New Hilux Invincibles, and the tyres really top off the snow and mud performance of the vehicle.

    I am unsure if you will get these to fit but I certainly rate them.
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    hi i use bf goodrich mud terrain tyres. I travel 50 miles a day to work and back and in 3 years the tyres still look like new

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    If you going to keep the car- see above(BF tyres) without a doubt ! if its a car you change every couple of years & less, try khumo or Maxiss tyes , they have good tread wear for the

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    Thanks for the recommendations, my main problem is finding anything in the right size!

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    I have a Nissan X-Trail and similar situation - not an AT tyre on earth to fit it. I took a quick look here for you:

    And doesn't look like there is anything to fit. With that in mind I think it worthwhile to give these people a call

    Their web side doesn't say much but once you get talking to the 4X4 tyre chap he knows his stuff and can maybe direct you or will know if there is something out there to suit you.

    He was able to tell me that as I was in no rush (deer season closed here so probably no stalking until October time) there may be a few people releasing new tyres to fit my Nissan before the end of summer. If so that would save me buying new wheels.

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    also try k.a.p. suzuki in keithley that where i got my tyres from

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    Try these they are the closest I could find 205/80 R16
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    Thanks for the links, still can't find my size

    Will it screw up my insurance if I go for a non-standard size?

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