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Thread: leica geovid binoculars

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    leica geovid binoculars

    wanted as above perfer 8x56 or 8x42 hd

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    Most folk that spend 1500 on a pair of hi end optics keep them for life unlike me who sold the Geovids as they were rubbish. I made 200 profit so they went.. i had the 15X56 and they were heavy and useless in low light.

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    Had you bought the 8 x 56 you wouldnt have experienced that

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    I bought the 8x56hd and I think they are fantastic

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    Correct guys, i bought the wrong ones... too heavy and very little light transmission...

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    i have owned zeiss and swarvorski and leica binoculars and in m.o.a i perfer leica,

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    I bought the 8 x 42 leica hd from focal point in Warrington Cheshire and they are quality glasses

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    +1 for the Geovid 8x42 THERE GREAT!!!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    i have zeiss 7/50 savorski 2pairs 8/30 - 7/50 and one pair of leicas 8/42 and they are streets in front of the others. my son has 10/42 and they are even better than mine . But has recently borrowed a new pair of 10/50 i think range finders in HD and these are in a league of there own but at 1800 they should be better start saving i think

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