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Thread: Syndicate or Stalking lease - Scotland

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    Syndicate or Stalking lease - Scotland

    Looking for a shooting syndicate to join or forestry stalking to be leased. Based in North Lanarkshire but willing to travel. Have relevant rifles .222 & .243, completed DSC 1 and covered with BASC insurance. Any help, info o offers would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Rob

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    You might have to do a little more work i.e. to lease off the forestry you will need DSC2 ??
    Some people may think that .243 is not big enough for the big red and sika stags ?? but good luck in your search,if you don't ask you don't get.

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    Yeah a lot of people are now wanting level 2, I'm just in the process of starting it, just contacted the relevant people so hopeful to get it started soon. I was more interested in roe however I would look at any red/sika offered. I currently have a bit of sika stalking and the .243 with 100gr puts them down clean and humainly as long as they are hit in the right place I thought about applying for a 308 for red but it was a struggle to get my 222 and 243 so I don't think I would get granted another rifle by fo as they are pretty strict up this way.

    Cheers rob

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    Not strictly correct on the Forestry Commission- the Permit Holder has to be Level 2, however, syndicate members can be Level 1 but must get Level 2 within 12 months of joining lease otherwise they are removed at renewal.

    I understand that the Forestry Commission will be putting out a lot of leases next year (Feb-April) and that might be opportunity to get in on a lease as at present, most syndicates/leases are fixed up. Only way is if someone has a drop out or space but there is a 200 admin charge to FC to add new member and then the Lease subs which might be a tad expensive for you.

    Short of bought days, the only other way I can suggest you seek out stalking is to contact any farms/landowners that you know have deer on their ground to see if you can get shooting, without trodding on someone elses toes if they already shoot there! Good luck

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    Thanks for that bud, that's some helpful information

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