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Thread: Hello From East Yorkshire

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    Hello From East Yorkshire

    Hello all, I've actually been a member on here for a few years but just re-registered so I thought it best to introduce myself again.

    I've been stalking for around 10 years now on a recreational basis, and I work in the industry

    You knew it was out of order yet you still had to do it, which means I have to waste time sorting it out. People pay to advertise on here, and to be fair to them freeloaders have to be sorted out. You want to advertise you pay if you don't want to advertise don't mention your product.


    (that's probably got me a slapped wrist off admin already!!)
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    No more likly to get you boot up rear how high you go is anyones guess

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    hey up hows things what rifles do you shoot mate? where abouts in east yorks are you,atb wayne

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    Hi Wayne,

    I live in Etton just North of Beverley but my unit for work is down in Holderness which is where I'm from originally.

    I use a .308 now after using .243 to get started, managed to pick up some red stalking in Scotland a few years back so I upgraded to pack more of a punch.

    where about's are you based?

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    im from hornsea so not far from you there is a meeting at the buckles in near york soon if you can make it meet all the yokals off here,atb wayne

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    sounds a good plan, keep me posted and I'll come along

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    its the 9th of june if you can make it ,atb wayne

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    Speaking to rodger last night, he may be changing the day, as he is away.

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    hi , welcome to the forum......enjoy

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    What is the general order for the evening? I presume a bite to eat, couple of beers and a yarn about deer?

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