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Thread: Best Before Date?

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    Best Before Date?

    Do bullets go off, as such?
    I assume this is reflected in storage conditions?

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    I hope all of mine "go off".

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    I've got a fair bit of WW2 ammo for my M1 carbine and it shoots fine, so it should be good for 60 odd years at least (if stored under optimal conditions).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I hope all of mine "go off".
    +1 on that Red.

    Generally speak'n I rekon if there kept dry the'll out live me!!!

    Rgds, Buck.
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    A guy i know got a bunch of .243 Normas from a customer that were from 1970 and he still can't hit a barn door with them... i have some Winchester GB 28 Gramme 12g cartridges from the 1980's and they kill better than anything else i have used in my Webley 700 sbs.

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    I don't doubt for a second that ammunition well sealed and stored will keep for a very long time, 50 years no bother.

    An old great-uncle of mine died about 10 years ago. I cleared out his gunsafe. I assembled a motley selection of several hundred 12 bore shells which went back to the 1960's, mainly Eley and Hull, most of them in paper cases and varnished: Three Crowns, Gastights, impax, Grand prix's etc. He was over 90 when he died and had not been shooting much for the previous 30 years.

    Anyway, I shot the lot, not a single miss fire, worked perfectly.

    I have since discovered there is a real collectors market for those old shells....
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    Aye, the collectors you see at the Scone Gamefair gave my mate 10 for a see-through H&H cartridge and i seen it for sale an hour later at 150.

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    I have a client who has a lovley Rigby 275 and insist on using the original kynock(sp?) ammo that came with the rifle, it comes in a small box of 10 packed in cotton wool, the look like they are about 150 gr soft point and they flatten stags like anything modern.

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