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    Woodland Trust

    Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of the woodland trust? There is a lovely wood near my house that i would love to stalk. Do they tender stalking out? and if so are they reasonable people to deal with?

    cheers, Dan

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    I am a member, have been for years, I am sure they do let shooting not least of all to protect their young plantings! But they don't make a noise about it. Give them a call.


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    hi dan i contacted them a while ago said they would get back to me if anything came up .they wanted level 1 and 2 open firearms cert .first aid cert and insurance
    good luck tom

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    I've spoken to them a couple of times re stalking but they were fairly uncommunicative - said to send in contact details etc but have never heard anything back. Wouldn't hold your breath.

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    Most nature reserve type woodlands down in England have high public access and are therefore very sensitive areas to manage. Because of this, they are more likely to use a professional stalker rather than sell the stalking rights. This is as much to cover their own asses legally as anything else! As they are also generally nature reserves, there will be a minimal cull and it may not be well advertised so as not to 'upset' certain blinkered members of the public. You would also be expected to hold DSC 1 & 2 and have 10 million of public liability insurance. From what I have seen, they tend to go looking for the right sort of deer manager and not vice versa.
    Best thing to do is to speak to them and tell them what you have to offer. If you have the right credentials you might be lucky. If you haven't, maybe get them first before you approach them.
    I manage a couple and it is very rewarding to be part of a local conservation effort.
    Good luck.

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