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Thread: Black Islander Stockists/Prices

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    Black Islander Stockists/Prices

    Can you only get Black Islander boots direct, or is there a stockist list somewhere? Also, if they do have stockists - does anyone know the cheapest?


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    Afraid so Oly you have to deal direct with Hamish, which I might add is easy to do so.


    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    So what happens if they don't fit right, don't suit your feet or you order the wrong size?


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    You have to send them back .... or wait until the Midland or any other show they're attending.

    My original Diottos lasted really well with 4.5 years of serious hard work and abuse but I had to buy a size larger than usual. They finally started leaking when the rubber coating finally wore through in Feb last year and I went to the Midland especially to see them and try a pair on - glad I did as they've changed from the originals, now at my normal size and now with nubuck uppers - not sure I don't prefer the original faced leather as this was easy to nikwax/grainger..... the nubuck spray is more expensive!! (Guess I could still use Graingers on them tho')

    This pair leaked but a call to Hamish brought an immediate delivery of a replacement pair - apparently there was a problem with one batch.... trouble is that we haven't had the same wet conditions for me to see if the new pair leak too.

    Would I buy them again? Yep, certainly for the tough rubber coating - as I mentioned earlier the originals endured 5 seasons of brambles whereas my Mouflon Plus's looked rough after a week.
    I'd also worn them standing in 3" of cementy water for a month helping a mate put his house foundations in.

    That's me....


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