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Thread: Cutco Double D or straight edge

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    Cutco Double D or straight edge

    Thinking of buying a Cutco drop point knife, but debating between straight edge and their Double D edge (basically a serrated design). My instinct is to go for the staight edge (which you can sharpen youself & send back for a free regrind if required) rather than Double D.

    However, looking at the US reviews suggests the Double D edge holds its sharpeness for seasons and, although you can't self-sharpen, you can always send it back for a free sharpening (you pay UK postage both ways).

    Has anyone tried these knives and, in particular, the Double D blade?


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    Neal go with the staight edge I have had both and the double d is very sharp but is horrible to use it feels like it is tearing and not cutting the straight will last for seasons if you are a recreational stalker.

    Dont forget most yanks dont shoot many deer most only shoot 2-3 a year with 10 being an exceptional amount of deer to shoot in a single season.

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    Many thanks - it was very much my intuition to go with the straight blade, partly out of concern what the double d would be like in use, but without actual experience I felt uncertain and you have settled the matter at a stroke.

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    I started a thread on Cutco knives recently as I had bought one and they were ( a month or so ago, on special offer). Also, in the UK, the re-sharpening service is not an option, this is only available in the US. However, if you DO need to have your knife re-sharpened then, if you send it back to the lady who runs the UK franchise for Cutco, she will replace it with a new one since it is too much hassle and expense to send the knives back to the US for sharpening.

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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    I bought one of the straight edge a couple of months ago, I have used it on a couple of Roe since then and it has performed well, just needed a tickle on the finest Lansky stone in between the two.

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    Straight edge. Have had 4 of the scalloped variety and they were of variable quality, some sharp and some not, some with a point you could use to core the back end, some that caused frustration and needed attention. Like the orange handle - useful for the forgetful (me!) - and the tough scabbard.
    KevinF -

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    Thanks guys for the extra, useful information.
    Orange handled, straight edge for me!

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