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Thread: Worse pavements than here even!

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    Worse pavements than here even!

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    I heard a story about a US Police dog handler who pursued a villain into a building, the bad guy shot and killed his dog, the handler, in return, shot him eighteen times. When asked why he had shot him eighteen times he is reputed to have replied 'I only had two ten round mags, sadly, it looks like I missed him with two rounds'. Probably BS but still a good story. JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamus View Post
    Never happened. Another version is set in Australia. Doubtless there'll be further versions over the years.

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    So this is coming around again
    I read/heard the same story about a couple of US special forces in Singapore when they were on R&R from Vietnam.
    Whether true or not, it is a good warning to miscreants to think before they misbehave and makes the rest of us wonder just who is walking amongst us, good and bad.
    There's a similar story about a bunch of hairy bikers that picked on a little guy in a truck stop, as the little guy left the TS the bikers supposedly said 'not much of a man was he' to which the waitress replied 'not much of a driver either, he just ran over a load of bikes with his ten ton truck'
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