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Thread: rimfire history lesson

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    rimfire history lesson

    found this on another site.
    fascinating that this chap was messing around with these ideas in Broken Hill!!

    (If any of you have seen "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" when they get out of the bus all "trannied" up in the middle of nowhere, that was filmed in Broken Hill without warning the locals for the full effect!)

    GUNS Magazine January 2011

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    A gunsmith in Raton, New Mexico. Deward Finley, made up two rifles using chambers and throats of this configuration for metallic silhouette shooting. Deward was a friend of mine so I got to shoot both of them. One was a Winchester Model 52 and the other a Remington Model 37. Both bolt guns. It was interesting in concept but accuracy went from excellent to mediocre within the same LOT of ammunition and that rankled Deward. They certainly took down the steel 100M targets with authority. I think that eventually, the guns were rebarreled as the NRA couldn't come up with a ruling about the 22LR legality being squeezed to 17 caliber. His widow probably still has the barrels.~Muir

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