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Thread: Deer info - pocket cards

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    Deer info - pocket cards

    Hi just print em out and laminate em.
    Great info to have in your stalking jacket pocket


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    Thanks for that, well done that man


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    cheers ...good for a newbie like me.
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    Glad to help lads!
    All the info has come from loads of stalking books i've got, just correlated all the info from em onto little cards


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    Thanks Daz, that's an excellent contribution for our members, nice one!

    All the best,


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    Basic level one aide memoir ,typical army old habits good for you level one and two.

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    Spot on, cheers Daz.

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    Thank you Daz - gentleman you are.
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    Thanks Daz,

    How about a deer disease one?

    Thanks again, Willie

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