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Thread: FAC Renewal

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    FAC Renewal

    I'm in the process of renewing my FAC and the FEO came round the other night and told me i am like'ly to loose my 308 and sect 1 shotgun since i have not replaced them in the past year my question is since i still have my old ticket ( with permission to purchase these ) whats to stop me going out and buying them before my ticket runs out and my renewal comes through ? And would this get me into bother with local police force ?
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    Absolutely nothing so long as you have a valid certificate with the relevant authorisations on it.

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    Good thinking .375!

    Buying a couple of scrappers could buy you a lot of time, an old mossberg and a tatty BSA could be just what you're needing.

    I bet gun trader is full of them.

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    I wouldnt have thought , having a slot open for a year would effect anything, unless you have never bought ! Finding a suitable FAC shotgun can be a bit of a task, for fit etc. I cannot see why they have stated this, goes back to the complience, If you need , you can have (within reason)...if not , why have !!

    The 308 cannot be needed much if its taken a year to get out & use one .

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    id buy 2 sheds, PLAY THE GAME

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    Thanks for the replys looks like i may be going shopping in the morning better get the cheque book out !

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    If you have already submitted your renewal forms then you have stated on it the firearms in your possession, and paid the fee.

    Should you add new firearms then you will need to submit a new renewal, and pay again.

    Better you act quickly rather than slowly.


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